14. & 15.12.2023

Claude Vuichard

About Claude Vuichard

Claude Vuichard, the President of the “Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation”, began his pilot career in 1981 in Gruyères, Switzerland. He now has more than 17,000 hours of flight experience and has flown over 20 different types of helicopters. He is renowned as the inventor of the “Vuichard Recovery Technique”, designed to safely recover helicopters from the hazardous vortex ring state. This technique was named after him by Tim Tucker, the Chief Instructor at Robinson Helicopter Company.

Claude Vuichard has also developed other critical techniques such as slope landings, autorotation, quick stops, and UIMC recovery. Today, he is internationally recognized as an expert in helicopter safety and is a sought-after speaker and instructor for advanced helicopter training.


Human Factors in Helicopter Operations Accidents

This seminar is dedicated to the examination of the human factors that play a role in helicopter accidents. Special attention is placed on control and decision-making errors to prevent negative transfers. This safety seminar holds significant importance and should be attended by all helicopter pilots.

Vuichard Techniques

In this safety seminar you will learn about the different “Vuichard Techniques” that can be used to prevent many classic helicopter accidents:


  • Vortex Avoidance and the “Vuichard Recovery Technique” presented in detail
  • Safe autorotation technique for training and real cases
  • Special autorotations upslope
  • Special autorotation techniques for conferier areas
  • Dynamic rollover avoidance
  • Best techniques for landings on slopes
  • Best quick stop techniques
  • Techniques for avoiding UIMC/IIMC
  • Instrument interrogation techniques for helicopters


Day 1 & Day 2


  • 08:30 – Arriving and welcoming / Breakfast & beverage (included)
  • 09:00 – Seminar with Claude Vuichard
  • 12:30 – Lunch break / Warm dish (included)
  • 13:00 – Simulator slots (individual)


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