Flight Training

Vertical Mission Training aims to provide pilots with the most efficient and safety-enhancing training concepts.

Basic Flight Training

Loft Dynamics has proven the ability to learn maneuvers on the simulator and apply them without adaptation in the real helicopter. This has led us to invest heavily in this new technology, allowing us to offer new and beneficial training concepts to our students and licensed pilots. For instance, hovering, flying entire traffic patterns and practicing autorotations can now be done more efficiently on the simulator than in the real helicopter.

Specific Scenarios

We offer training that is perfectly tailored to you. These are some of the most common use cases.

Proficiency Checks

Join us for a fully accredited Proficiency Check on the H125 simulator.

Type Ratings

Lower the costs of obtaining a Type Rating with our training solutions.

Safety Training

Focused on high-risk exercises that can’t be practised safely in a real helicopter.

Ready to start your training?