Vertical Mission Training Center

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Vertical Mission Training is offering state-of-the-art helicopter pilot training by utilizing EASA qualified Robinson R22 and Airbus H125 virtual reality flight training devices from Loft Dynamics.

Our Mission

At Vertical Mission Training Center, we focus exclusively on professional simulator training. We offer a wide range of solutions for training on small to medium utility helicopters using state-of-the-art FSTDs. Our experts provide complete coaching for a wide range of training scenarios. Vertical Mission Training is operating European Aviation Agency (EASA) certified helicopter flight simulators directly at Mönchengladbach Airport, Germany.

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Training Solutions

Flight Training

Earn training credits by incorporating simulator training into your education or improve your skills with additional safety training.

Proficiency Checks

Take fully accredited Proficiency Checks (LPC and OPC) on the H125 simulator.

Type Ratings

Lower the cost of obtaining a type rating by including a simulator.

Training Courses and Events

We continuously offer innovative and up-to-date training courses for private and professional pilots. We organize Helicopter Safety-Days with experts such as Claude Vuichard, as well as specialized pre-season courses on CRM, Fire Fighting and Dangerous Goods.

Simulators at Vertical Mission Training

Airbus Helicopters H125

Airbus H125

Robinson R22

Robinson R22

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