Type Ratings

Save costs, emissions, and time by leveraging a simulator to obtain a type rating.


Our VR motion simulators provide targeted training alongside the actual helicopter, which can help reduce the cost of obtaining a type rating. Companies can save time and reduce errors associated with manual shift scheduling, while improving employee satisfaction and productivity.

A total of 6 hours is required for the initial type rating, with a minimum of 4 hours in the helicopter and 2 hours in the simulator.

A total of 4 hours is required for an additional type rating, with a minimum of 1 hour in the helicopter and 3 hours in the simulator.

VR Motion Simulator


The benefits of using a simulator include:

  • The ability to train normal and emergency procedures in both the real helicopter and the VR simulator.
  • Realistic training for Full-Down Autorotations, engine restarts, tail rotor shaft breakage, and more in the VR simulator
  • Cost-effective training that combines the use of the VR simulator with the real helicopter

Ready to leverage the benefits of a simulator to obtain your Type Rating?